History of VIPRO began in 1999 with the development of B2B- Portal, who became in 2003 the winner of the national Internet contest "Golden Site".

The main activities:
- Website Promotion - testing, promotion items, promotion of low frequency.
- Promotion in social networks , support in blogs and forums, PR-support.
- Contextual advertising in Yandex, Begun and Google AdWords.
- Development sites.

In 2008, the company opened subsidiaries: Printing VIPRINT design studio and a separate project to promote the sites RBC PROMO.

The company employs 45 people. Developed more than 300 corporate sites and several large B2B-projects. VIPRO occupies a prominent place in the ranking of web developers Russia.

More than 500 sites running content management system inDynamic, developed by the company VIPRO.

Among the clients: GlavOkna, Print-City, Infrost, Karcher, GAS, Alpha-Story, English First, paint, Comfort Furniture, VIPRINT, VEGA Group, the hotel "Moscow" Russian Cooperation University, Faculty of Political Science, MSU, Empire, INFROST, DOOSAN, Progress-Garant , Universal Insurance, Agrosfera, ItalART, Arcade, Ola! and many others.

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